Simulation Researcher

Weta Digital is seeking a Researcher to join our Simulation Department:


  • Work within a team environment to develop new simulation algorithms for CFD, Biomechanics, Plants and Clothing
  • Adapt the latest research results into practical, production quality code
  • Implement core simulation algorithms with a focus on high performance, multithreading, distributed computing, large scalability and robustness
  • Analyse and optimize system performance
  • Improve and maintain existing code to improve quality, reliability and maintainability
  • Proactively test new and existing features to ensure the highest levels of quality
  • Provide hands on user support. Find and fix bugs. Author high quality internal and end user documentation
  • Planning and tracking development tasks, engaging with users, and collaborating with other departments
  • Design and implement physically realistic material models

Required Qualifications:

  • Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Physics or Applied Mathematics
  • 6+ years of industry software engineering experience
  • Extensive expertise in largescale software engineering
  • Proven simulation research expertise
  • Fluency in C++ and experience with other languages such as Python
  • Experience in performance analysis and optimization of highly parallel, scalable systems
  • Ability to work well on a self directed team in a rapidly changing, deadline oriented environment
  • A basic understanding of computer graphics and physics based animation/simulation

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Qualifications in Film
  • GPUcompute programming expertise and experience with interactive rendering algorithms
  • Experience in film or video game production
  • Industry experience with computer graphics or better yet visual effects
  • Experience in designing algorithms for MPI based applications
  • Familiarity with tools such as Valgrind, Vtune, git, JIRA and so on
  • Maya, Houdini or similar API expertise.

Location: Wellington - New Zealand