Show Production Manager

Job Purpose

Responsible for overall show schedule and for managing everything required for efficient running of the Show. Reports to VFX Producer.

Needs to do

  • Create an overall show schedule for all phases of production.
  • Schedule and plan resource requirements with the VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor and Resource Manager to plan an effective and efficient approach to completing the show within contractually agreed deadlines.
  • Track overall Show Schedule (ie. Shots/Assets). Ensure the VFX team understands the goals and milestone deadlines for assets, shots, sequences and any R&D projects required.
  • Responsible for hitting scheduled targets and working with both department production & show production to ensure the schedule is on track.
  • Provide regular milestone reports and liaise with departments regarding milestones
  • Schedule new turnovers and attend turnover meetings
  • Input shots into Shotgun as required
  • Establish workflow for organizing and tracking incoming data and then hand off to PA, monitor workflow through out project
  • Report Show progress and any delays to VFX Producer
  • Inform all necessary parties of any possible/actual delays, reasons and what is being done to avoid further delays. Also, to notify all departments who might be affected by the delay. Adjust schedule accordingly.
  • Assist the VFX Producer with the weekly client reports. Liaise with the VFX Producer to ensure the information contained within is accurate at all times.
  • Arrange and/or attend senior VFX Supervisor reviews & Director reviews
  • If required, communicate with external vendors for Stereo deliveries.
  • Manage production team, ensuring roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Mentor Production P.A’s.
  • Request overtime as necessary for artists to hit their targets. Maintain oversight on the amount of overtime worked, ensuring overtime at all times is productive.
  • If requested by VFX Producer, liaise with client to arrange reviews, meetings, conference calls, playlists, deliveries, discuss schedule etc.
  • Forecast resources for the show using the Forecasting Spreadsheet if required by VFX Producer
  • Track Actual Days vs Bid days on all stages of the pipeline

Needs to know and have

  • 2+ years Sequence Management experience in VFX or 2+ years previous experience in VFX Production Management
  • Proven scheduling experience with a knowledge of Shotgun
  • Good knowledge of Excel
  • Good communication skills – including interaction with show production team, department groups and supervisors
  • Able to manage clients
  • Organised and methodical in approach to work
  • Calm and positive demeanor
  • Clear in planning with artists, supervisors & clients.
  • Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm
  • Experience of onset work preferred

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Location: Wellington - New Zealand