Motion Scheduling/Resource Manager

The Motion Scheduling/Resource Manager is responsible for supporting the Senior Motion Production Manager with the oversight of Resource & Schedule strategy amongst the Motion departments.

Needs to do:

Working with the Senior Production manager to:

  • Provide resource plans and forecasting reports for Motion.
  • Provide reports of bidding and billing data, show progress and department resource profiles.
  • Gather critical information on scheduling and resource planning and adapt future strategies accordingly.
  • Meet with Shotgun team on a regular basis to implement new functionality and better efficiency for production teams.

Support Department Managers with:

  • Forecasting for their departments.
  • Data visualisation & scenario planning for schedules and resources.
  • Bidding strategy across Motion depts.
  • Building good relationships with show production, central production and adjacent departments.

Support Department Production Managers with:

  • Providing a Motion Summary on a weekly basis for each show in Motion.
  • Maintaining comprehensive bid documents.
  • Providing any bespoke reports requested on a specific show.

Needs to know and have:

  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written
  • Has at least five years practical VFX production management experience
  • A comprehensive knowledge of Motion Department workflow
  • Proven knowledge and experience of scheduling tools
  • Excel competence
  • Fast-acting and with good time management skills
  • Approachable and good at building relationships
  • Good analytical skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Inquiring mind
  • Happy to not be involved in the day to day production of films, and to not be managing any crew

If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you.

Location: Wellington - New Zealand