Wingnut AR - General Expression of Interest

Over the next year we will be growing our creative team in a wide range of areas. If you join our team, you will be working at the forefront of technology and imagination in order to bring ingenious forms of entertainment to the world.

We aim to bring the highest quality content to a range of Augmented Reality platforms and will need a wide range of skills to accomplish this. If you’re a concept artist, gameplay programmer, sound designer, rendering engineer, AI developer, production staff, QA… Whatever it is, if you have a passion for Augmented Reality and feel your talents would fit into Wingnut AR, please get in touch. We may not have a role for you right now, but we’d love to hear from you and will look out for something that will fit you in the future.

Submission Requirements:

CV - Including a cover letter explaining why you want to work in the Augmented Reality industry and what you can bring to our company beyond your skill set. Please include a job title for the role you feel you’d be good for and examples of your professional work experience. Feel free to include anything else you think shows you are a great candidate.

Location: Wellington - New Zealand