Senior C++ Developer

Production Engineering is responsible for the development of libraries and supporting tools which facilitate the creation and manipulation of scene data. This involves high-performance, in-memory scene representations for real- time and offline rendering, and interactive non-destructive manipulation. We embed this functionality in 3rd party applications as well as exposing it via C++ and Python APIs.

The idea applicant will have ...

  • 5+ years of professional experience as a C++ developer
  • Expertise with APIs such as Boost, STL, Qt, CLANG, Unreal or Unity
  • Expertise with multi-threaded development and performance optimization
  • Experience writing performance sensitive APIs for use by other developers
  • Interest in topics like C++ implementations, compilers, and memory allocation strategies

Either of the below would be advantageous ...

  • Experience in the VFX or gaming industry
  • Experience with application APIs such as Maya, MotionBuilder and Houdini

If this sounds like you – we would LOVE to hear from you!

Location: Wellington - New Zealand