Motion R&D Technical Director

Weta Digital is accepting applications for the Motion R&D Department, to develop and support software for our Motion artists, pipelines, and workflows (Anim, Motion Edit, Facial Motion, Crowds, Previs, and adjacent departments).


  • Excellent programming, problem solving skills
  • Solid, proven experience with Python, Qt and PyQt/PySide, C/C++
  • Working knowledge of software architecture and design methodologies
  • Self-motivated, proactive, adaptable, and passionate team player with collaborative dev experience
  • Experienced with organizing and prioritizing development projects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication with developers, artists, and leadership to understand feature requests and solve production problems
  • Ability to thrive in fast-paced/time-critical environments
  • Ability to gather requirements and user feedback independently


  • Degree in computer science preferred or proof of equivalent experience
  • Strong familiarity with JIRA / project management systems
  • Experience with version control systems (svn/git-equivalent, CI, etc...)
  • Experience with multi-threaded, multi-platform development and performance optimization
  • Maya experience desirable, including scripting and programming plugins
  • Experience in VFX or AAA Game Studios (3+ years required if overseas)
  • Preferred Understanding and experience with Motion Capture pipelines and/or Massive
  • Familiarity with unit/integration/regression/acceptance testing

If this sounds like you, apply now!

Location: Wellington - New Zealand