Senior Python Developer

Do you have a keen vision for data flow, intuitive API design, and clear UX? Are you motivated to use big-picture insight as a platform for top-quality code? In your visual effects or gaming career have you experienced the difference end-to-end thinking makes?

Production Engineering is responsible for continuously improving how Weta Digital's artists collaborate to create movies. If you have a robust suite of VFX software skills and a passion for seamless, intelligent design of multi-faceted tools and pipelines, we have the challenges and environment for you to thrive! Multi-tier servers with multi-language APIs; desktop GUIs; full-stack web; application integration; image transformation and interaction are some of our specialities.

We seek a collaborative, clever thinker with the following skills:

  • Top-grade, expert-level Python, with complementary experience in C++, Java, or Go
  • Skilled GUI development in Qt or the web (particularly AngularJS)
  • Command of database interaction (particularly PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch)
  • Basic understanding of Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Katana, or Shotgun
  • Comfortable working in Linux
  • Delight in a fast paced, constantly evolving workplace

If this sounds like you – we would LOVE to hear from you!

Location: Wellington - New Zealand