Onset VFX Data Wrangler
Expression of interest

Weta Digital is accepting Expressions of Interest for an exciting opportunity to work as an Onset VFX Data Wrangler. This role requires obtaining detailed information of hero camera configuration, shot set up and lighting reference for use down the VFX pipeline. This role will be based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions in place, we are currently looking for Expressions of Interest from New Zealand Residents and Citizens, currently based in New Zealand only

You will acquire information that adheres to Weta Digital's specifications working closely with the VFX Supervisor and the hero camera department, resulting in a thorough and comprehensive database.

To be successful in this position, you will need to be observant and diligent. You will need to be highly organized, with excellent time management skills and have the ability to work in a pressurized environment. We value people who use their initiative and have good problem-solving abilities.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Data entry into Qtake and/or FileMaker Pro database to gather onset information including VFX, Camera and Lighting data.
  • Obtain lighting information with the use of reference spheres during the VFX reference pass for each set up
  • Work directly under the VFX & Onset Supervisors, effectively communicating and executing all requirements.
  • Communicating slate and set up information to the VFX team via Radio with all updates
  • Contribute to set reference and HDRI photography as required
  • Back up and manage data
  • Use correct cataloguing nomenclature per Weta Digital requirements.
  • Manage and maintain all equipment assigned to the role

Experience and skills required:

  • Previous VFX On Set Data Wrangling experience on a large scale VFX film.
  • An understanding of the structure of how a film set operates and the responsibilities of each department
  • A good understanding of working film sets.
  • Understanding of Reference and Texture Photography.
  • Knowledge of Canon 5D series.
  • Familiarity with use of a Distometer and Inclinometer hand tools
  • Working knowledge of VFX reference pass execution
  • Clear and concise communication skills and radio etiquette
  • Professional-level catalogue organization and management

If this sounds like you, please apply online with your CV and cover letter.

Location: Auckland - New Zealand

Expressions of interest are invited through the usual job application process.