Shots Production Crew Manager

Title: Shots Production Crew Manager Department: Department Production. Reporting line: Senior Production Manager – Shots.

Job Description

  • To ensure that the Shots Production team are comprehensively supported in all matters relating to performance reviews, hours management and contract renewals
  • To take an active lead in ensuring crew development and training is planned, promoted and successful.
  • Ensure Shots Production team are forecasted to projects appropriately.

Production Management

  • Establish and maintain a high performing, high morale, resilient department culture where conditions are optimized for production to do outstanding work.
  • Recruitment. Ensure the recruitment of highly talented production crew who are a good fit for Weta’s culture, pipeline and workflows.
  • Onboarding. Ensure that all production crew are effectively on boarded into their department and that they are provided with everything needed for early success.
  • Ensure that production crew receive effective training so that they have the knowledge and skills required to deliver their work.
  • Ensure timely, objective, evidenced based evaluation of production crew work and performance
  • Ensure that all production crew within the department receive timely, meaningful feedback on their work and behaviour as part of an ongoing dialogue that supports their professional growth and development
  • Ensure that production crew performance is well managed.
  • Contract renewals. Ensure compliance with the owner’s 8-week crew guarantee.
  • Overtime management. Where crew are working significant overtime hours, seek an evaluation of whether that is productive work and whether it can be distributed any further than certain select individuals.
  • Strategic casting of production crew. Working in conjunction with the Show, SPM and central Production to create strong project teams, using insights gleaned from feedback and understanding the nature of the project in question.

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