Senior Look Dev Artist - Wellington Office

Wētā FX is looking for senior, experienced crew to join our Wellington-based team, to support the delivery of current and future shows.

This role will be performed onsite at Wētā’s Wellington office. To be eligible you must be based in / or be available to relocate to Wellington, New Zealand.

The Look Dev Department at Wētā FX is responsible for providing surfacing solutions (both shading/materials and texturing) for the company. Shader/Material artists should expect to work with our proprietary tools, manipulate shading networks, deal with both asset centric and in-shot scenes, debug rendering setups and provide support to other departments (Lighting, FX, etc).

Texture painters should expect to paint textures for a variety of assets from characters, creatures, wardrobes, props to full environments.

We're happy to consider candidates who are either specialised in a single discipline or can seamlessly span both. Candidates will ideally have at least 5 years of feature film or comparable experience and display the following attributes:

Required Skills:

  • Evidence of strong artistic skills as presented in portfolio/showreel, either on texturing or shading tasks.
  • Strong Look Dev skills (both artistically and technically) for photo-realistic feature films, with an excellent understanding of physically based shading & rendering.
  • Have strong initiative and problem-solving skills to work efficiently and maintain deadlines under pressures. Be able to work from reference as well as interpret artistic direction.
  • The ability to come up with creative, efficient rendering solutions for a wide variety of assets.
  • The ability to manage multiple assets at the same time, and put them seamlessly together in a visually coherent solution.
  • Experience using Mari.
  • Familiarity with Linux and Katana.
  • Experience with all aspects of the rendering pipeline.
  • Strong communication, task management and organisational skills.

Preferential skills:

  • Experience using Substance Designer or other similar software.
  • Working knowledge of Python scripting.
  • Working knowledge of Houdini/Solaris.
  • Familiarity with USD.
  • Experience leading teams or small groups of artists.

The Look Dev Department is a highly collaborative space, being a team player will be key to your success.

A detailed shot breakdown of all material on reel must be provided with application.

At Wētā FX we celebrate our diversity and believe in creating an environment where all our crew feel welcomed, respected, supported and appreciated. We define ourselves by the quality of our work, and we’re striving to build a workplace experience that’s second to none. Here at Wētā FX we value open minds and encourage our crew to be themselves.

We aim to provide a discrimination-free experience, beginning from the moment you apply for a role with us. If there is anything we can do to make the recruitment process easier, please let us know at:

If this sounds like you – we would love to hear from you!

Location: Wellington, New Zealand