Assistant Technical Director
Expression of interest

Weta Digital are looking for Assistant Technical Directors (ATD’s) in 2022 to work across a variety of departments.

We would like to welcome our next generation of artists, technicians and leaders into the visual effects industry.

Assistant Technical Directors (ATDs) form a flexible workforce that operates across a variety of departments. ATDs are responsible for providing support to the more senior TDs and other departments in all aspects of the Weta pipeline.

Typically 3d generalists, ATDs are often called upon to perform duties outside of their core responsibilities. They have the ability to learn quickly and apply that knowledge constructively to the task at hand.

ATDs are expected to respond and adapt to the rapid change of pace in the VFX industry, continual improvement of skills and understanding is at the core of what we do.

While we do list clear requirements for this role, we’re always open to talking with people that don't tick every box – and had very successful experiences doing so.

Your role and responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting in a multitude of departments throughout the VFX workflow as required.
  • Assisting senior TDs to maximise their productivity.
  • Using company resources efficiently.
  • Staying current with the rapid pace of changing proprietary technology and standards.
  • Testing and reporting back on new technology being developed within Weta's Research and Development groups.
  • Advising Show and/or Department Production of the status of their workload and communicating with other departments as applicable.
  • Proactively troubleshooting render and pipeline issues as required.
  • Always ensuring your work is produced to the best of your ability.
  • Following guidelines to ensure the quality of your work meets the requirements of the recipient.
  • Remaining aware of the status of your assigned tasks and when elements will be ready.
  • Communicating technical issues that you cannot solve yourself with the ATD HoD in a simple and accurate manner.

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience with a 3d content creation package, preferably Maya or Houdini.
  • Minimum one year work experience.
  • Show-reel demonstrating artistic talent and technical ability.
  • Passion for problem solving, VFX and film making.
  • Basic understanding of look development.
  • Basic understanding of VFX pipelines.
  • Demonstrable basic understanding of the VFX workflow.
  • Mid-level understanding of at least one specialised workflow within VFX.
  • Strong desire to improve their knowledge and skill base, both technically and artistically.

Desirable / Additional Skills:

  • A Bachelors level degree or Masters in an applicable field – Media Design, Animation, 3D, Computer Science, Design, Architecture or equivalent tertiary qualification.
  • Python scripting skills
  • Houdini
  • Katana
  • Experience with Nuke and compositing practices
  • Practical art experience

ATD’s are proactive, positive, conscientious and task focused. We’re looking for people who can -

  • Maintain their objectivity and actively work to understand people and issues prior to reaching conclusions.
  • Communicate effectively - both written and verbally
  • Receive and provide constructive feedback
  • Deliver work on time and to the standard expected for the role.
  • Cope well under potentially stressful circumstances.
  • Accept and support management decisions that may differ from your opinion.
  • Raise issues or concerns, including discussion of alternatives in a constructive way.
  • Build collaborative relations within their team and other departments.
  • Work productively and inclusively within team environments.
  • Openly share their knowledge with their peers.
  • Respect and value the diversity, skills, experiences, creativity and contribution of their peers.

Weta Digital is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate our diversity and believe in creating an environment where all our crew feel welcomed, respected, supported and appreciated. If you have some of the above attributes and relish the idea of contributing to Weta Digital, then apply today and join our team!

Candidates must be a NZ resident / citizen or hold a current work visa to be eligible to apply

Location: Wellington - New Zealand

Expressions of interest are invited through the usual job application process.